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BioMetric GunVault MiniVault GVB 1000 

Standard mechanical digital keypad and roomy compartment to conveniently store your weapon.

  • 16 gage steel housing with protective foam lined interior
  • Tamper resistant spring loaded door for mounting in most any direction
  • Optional high-strength security cable secures GunVault in a home, car, RV, office or hotel
  • Precise fittings insure very low probability to prying open with hand tools

Biometric model comes with all the features of the standard version in addition comes with Advanced Biometric lock. Advanced Biometric Access

  • Patented No-Eyes Keypad with fingerprint scanner
  • Holds 15 unique fingerprints     ​

Ideal for added security at home or business.

Portable Compact Safes that Provide "Go Anywhere" Security

The MiniVault (GV 1000) series offers optimum security for your handgun and valuables at an affordable price.
Keep what’s important readily accessible when you need it. Available in standard, deluxe and biometric models. 

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MiniVault Pistol Safes

Mini Gun Safes and Vaults From Gunvault MiniVault

Standard GunVault MiniVault GV 1000S

Deluxe model comes with all the features of the standard version in addition comes with digital lock.

  • Battery power provides portability with audio and LED low battery warning
  • Digital models built-in computer blocks access after repeated invalid keypad entries
  • Digital models tamper indicator alerts invalid entry attempts

Deluxe GunVault MiniVault GV 1000D

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