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Medeco High Security Locks provide a cost effective solution for industrial, commercial and residential applications providing provisions for master key systems, audit trail and time controlled access.

Keeping valuables, documents, commercial or residential property and belongings safe and secure is everyone's concern.

Locks and keys are everywhere however most locks only provide a standard level of security. Most keys can be duplicated anywhere by anyone with no questions asked. Are all your assets truly secure?

Are you certain you have the only keys to your secured belongings and made sure you know where all of the keys are to your business, home, mailbox or automobile?

Is there a possibility anyone could have a copy or copied any of your keys?

In case you are unaware, even a standard Grade 1 or Grade 2 commercial lock in many businesses, or Grade 3 residential lock in most homes, can be picked open or key bumped by an intruder causing an irreplaceable loss.

All internal parts of the lock specifically align when the key is inserted unlocking two integrated mechanisms which protect the lock from being bypassed by lock picking or bump key attacks. The cylinder is also protected by hardened inserts to resist drilling.

The High Security Keys are cut in a unique way with angle cuts on an exclusive patent protected key with serial, inventory, or sequence number using a special key machine.

Medeco m3 and m4 Keys cannot be duplicated any place other than a Medeco Security Center. Owner of the key must provide identification for verification insuring protection.

In each Medeco Security Center the high security keys, customer credentials, key records and master key systems are stored in a secure condition and location protected by lock and key or vault to insure security and prevent unauthorized access for your protection.

Residential applications require a High Security Cylinder retro fit into an ARROW, Schlage, Dexter and other name brand locks, deadbolts, profile cylinders and padlocks.

In applications for commercial, industrial, business, secure office and any area of accountability, locks of all types can be easily upgraded to reprogramable access, limited, or one time use, time and an audit trail for higher levels of security solutions.

For government, medical facilities and institutions with Interchangeable Core (LFIC or SFIC) master key systems, Jeff's Locksmiths can provide various inexpensive core replacements featuring integration of mechanical and electronic technology to provide higher levels of security, access and accountability even in mobile environments.

SCIF Mechanical Lock & Key 

High Security mechanical
Lock & key-control solutions:

  • Where access is desired 24/7
  • No information about who has entered an area is needed.
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Electronic Access Control 

Conventional electronic access
control systems offer:

  • Real-time access information
    & updates.
  • Allow for immediate changes
    to access rights when critical.

This can be cost-prohibitive for
widespread use.

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Medeco M 3 BiLevel
High Security Locks
Medeco eCylinder & eKey

Loss and Liability solutions offer
the ability to:

  • Quickly (and electronically)
    change access rights
  • Ideal for sensitive areas that don’t require realtime access information from conventional EAC but benefit from having access audit information
    and the ability to change access
    rights without mechanical re-keying.
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m3 Logic Enhanced Electronic Accountability

At Jeff's Locksmiths Your Security is our # 1 concern, we provide solutions.

Our highly trained staff specializes in providing all your safe, lock or key solutions. Affordable quality name brand products, precision craftsmanship and maintaining excellence in costumer service. High Security Programmable electronic mechanical locks with electronic mechanical keys for upgrading most commercial hardware to high security master key systems with timed access and audit trail.

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eCylinder The High Security Solutions

Ever wonder what is inside a lock and how one works?
A Demo Video Animation of a Medeco High Security Cylinder

KeyMark x4 SCIF Expansion Solutions
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