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For trouble with to many keys to keep track of in your home or at work we have solutions.

Color Tags and Rack you will organize keys for your office or warehouse with ease. Complete with Key Tag Rack for easy storage.

Key Clips are great for keeping keys clipped on your purse or belt loop. Great for kids and young adults.

Rest Room Key Tags are handy and hard to loose or walk away with. Perfect for those urgent moments when finding the correct key is essential.

Key organization made easy, stop by our shop and never loose track of your keys again.

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Jeff's Locksmiths Walk In Shop stocks a wide range of popular key rings, key chains, key tags, key racks, hide a keys, key cabinets and more for personal, commercial and industrial uses.
If we don't have what you need in stock, we get it ASAP.

Come by our Lock Shop today and never be without a spare key. 

Order Custom Keys at Jeff's Locksmiths online Shop and have them shipped or pick them up. CLICK HERE!

DESIGNER KEYS: Disney - Star Wars - Betty Boop - Dale Earnhardt Jr - Artisan Collection - Happy - Garfield - More Keys Soon

Drop safe ~ Floor safe ~ Gun safe ~ Cash Drop safe ~ Fire safe~ Security safe ~ Digital Safe ~ Money Safe ~ Much More.

Loosing or forgetting keys is frustrating.

The Lucky Line Key Hider Large Box and Velcro Key Pouch are easily hidden under wheel wells and bumpers of any car, truck, SUV, motorcycle or boat.

A key in a Hide Rock or Sprinkler Head Key Hider Works well at home or work.

Having someone come to your home or business to unlock a door can cost much more than a Key Hider. Come by today and make sure you don't get locked out.

Rings and Tags keep your keys together and organized. Account for and identify your spares. 

Disney keys ~ Sport keys ~ Cartoon character keys ~ Colorful keys ~ Designer keys ~ Much More.

Jeff's Locksmiths Key Rings, Key Chains, Key Tags and More Accessories

The "Hide Rock" Looks just like your ordinary garden rock and can be easily hidden in plane sight. Never be locked out of your house, car or business. 

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